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“You should accept Sid’s apology, David.”

“Maybe I will. Go to bed.”

Sarah shook her head and walked out of the kitchen. David heard her climb the steps and close the bedroom door.

He did not want to accept the apology. Sid would not change. Sid was not truly sorry.

Sarah prepared herself for bed. She took off her jewelry in front of her vanity mirror. She knew Sid lacked self-control. Sid did not intend to make David angry.

She admired her necklace before removing it. It was a gift from David last year.

into the kitchen to get some food and I look out the window and it’s dark outside and then the clock on the stove says it’s 5:11 AM and I just flip. Five days in a row! I think, ‘my internal clock is permanently fucked up,’ and I just can’t stop getting angrier and I’m ashamed at myself for being so angry and the shame and the anger they just

walk out to the center of the basement and I bash the ground with the hammer over and over until I break the concrete. Under the concrete was just dirt. I’ve lost myself a little at this point and I grab my shovel and start

never lost control like this before. I kept digging in the hole for hours. Every time I stopped exerting myself I could feel this horrible


David lunged forward

and brought the bat

down on Sid’s head.


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